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I work to bring harmony and balance to my community and the world. I believe we must evolve rapidly to help all sentient beings survive and thrive.

Daoist teachings and practices offer a uniquely effective, powerful, and effortless path through life

Love, wisdom, charity, and insight arise in the individual and spread outward to the community, country, and world

An enlightened mind requires a foundation in a strong, healthy body

A plant-based (vegan) diet is a gift to our own health as well as millions of tortured animals and a warming world

Discrimination based on race, gender identity, religious beliefs, or sexual preference is a cancer best cut from society

Always do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do

The morally bankrupt destruction of the natural world dooms sentences us all to a life of disconnection and suffering

    Acting with compassion, frugality, and humility benefits the world and gives us each an all-important sense of purpose

A regard for all sentient beings, health, justice, and spirituality simply must replace speed-and-greed materialism

In engaging virtual worlds over the real one, we become less human and lose the life we evolved to live


If these ideas move you, learn more below!


Latest Books


Monk Yun Rou

Daoist Monk Yun Rou (his name means Soft Cloud) has been called the new Alan Watts for his Daoist teachings and the Zen Gabriel Garcia-Marquez for his works of magical realism set in China. Born Arthur Rosenfeld in New York City, he received his academic education at Yale, Cornell, and the University of California. By leave of the Chinese government, he was ordained a monk at the Chun Yang (Pure Yang) Daoist Temple in Guangzhou, China. His award-winning books, optioned for film in both Hollywood and Asia, bridge spirituality, philosophy, and history, while his work has appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Parade, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, WebMD, Fox Business News, and numerous other websites and newspapers

Photography: Angela Alvarez

Available Classes


Daoist Philosophy

A friendly gathering that begins with a reading of Classical Chinese poetry and continues with a reading of a number of different translations of a single chapter of Laozi’s Daodejing. A section from the Liezi or the...


Tai Chi Fundamentals

We explore well-known Daoist qigong sets and also more obscure sets. Sometimes the class focuses on relaxation exercises, sometimes on movements best known for being antidotes to anxiety and stress.


Continuing Tai Chi

Principles and fundamentals of authentic Chen Tai Chi in the Chen Fa Ke/Chen Quanzhong lineage, with an attendant emphasis on softness, on the vertical circle for true silk reeling, and on profound relaxation.


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Monk Yun Rou’s Soft Cloud News presents the world through Daoist eyes. Did you know that in China Daoist masters were either rulers or whispered in the ears of those who ruled? Did you know that Daoism was the first environmentalism? In about 5000 words you will find insights into politics, living a balanced and harmonious life, tai chi and other traditional Chinese martial arts, and breaking news about our vanishing natural world. The links alone are a treasure, and all for a low $12 monthly PayPal fee. Subscribe and enjoy!

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